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Does it bug you to have people like myself post your pictures and sometimes make the comments that come along with the reblogging? I think we sometimes forget that you're people and not just sex icons.

Asked by shawnandthemachine

Well, the nature of Tumblr is about collaborative blogging and helping to convey to your audience what inspires you. Reblogging my work means more people around the world can love or hate it. Whichever the effect, I still think its a positive concept.

The only thing that I find unnecessary, is when the images/videos are altered digitally such as the contrast bumped up or down etc. I appreciate the creativeness but obviously the photographer or the post-production artist intended the work to look a certain way and to encapsulate a certain feel. Changing this instantly changes the concept of the work. Throughout Art history, appropriation has created many of the famous works of the post-modern era. That being said, altering the contrast of an image is changing history but its not creatively voicing your own concept nor complimenting the original either. I guess, one could suggest the whole Madonna/Gaga conversation would be an appropriate analogy to this. 

In other words, I believe if you’re not going to simply reblog the original, than rip it a new arse hole, so to speak.

As for the comments, I read them, good and bad ones. People are going to have an opinion and i respect that. I guess a lot of people write comments not knowing that I do read them eventually. Would they change what they wrote if they knew? Would they even comment if they knew me beyond a 2D representation? 

I think some people enjoy knowing that I can be a real person that has feelings and opinions, and go behind my role as a model, hence receiving these questions, but others are happy enough to just see me as a male figure part of selling the material world. 

Either way I can live with.

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