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Do you ever think about how your work may impact on men with low self esteem and body image issues and what would you say to these guys? Now you're a smart guy, with a heart so I'm interested in your answer to this question.

Asked by forbiddendreamland-deactivated2

This is a loaded question. Obviously, I love the industry that I work in but with anything, there are some flaws. Within this world of advertising & marketing, there can be some moral issues that concern me. I would love to be able to choose who I work for and the types of products/images I face but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. There have been times where I question the ethics of it all because I do care about issues that consumers might face, whether its the environmental/social impact of a product or simply the psychology of the image it portrays and societies perception.

The industry preys on the idea that consumers will indeed believe that if they purchase this product they will look like the ripped guy rubbing up against a supermodel. It sounds stupid, but would an alternative get any attention at all? 

Based on tweets that I received I ask myself:

Do I like that my work leads people to think less of themselves? No.

Do I like that my work leads people to think that I am better than them? Definitely not.

One of the best parts of my job is receiving messages and tweets explaining how I helped them. How I have helped someone reach their goal, to simply help them get to the gym or even helped them to love the imperfections that we have. It’s positive no matter how you look at it.

The negative is the perception that everyone can look like that ripped guy (with the help of lighting etc) who apparently used some machine for a week. The truth is, it takes time, hard work, mental awareness, a healthy lifestyle and one of the bigger factors, specific genes. Unfortunately, it’s not possible for everyone to look a certain way. The most important thing is that you are the most healthy and happy that you can be. 

I’m happy to give advice on what works for me but at the end of the day, its what works for you. We are all different. We’re Human Too.