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Exclusive Interview and Photo for NinetoFive Magazine

If you haven’t heard of Daniel Garofali, no doubt you’ve seen his body splashed in the pages of magazines and billboards around the country.

Now, the dancer and model is giving you the chance to own a piece of him in your own home, with the release of a 2012/13 calendar – and boy, does he deliver.

NinetoFive have the EXCLUSIVE first shot of the calendar. This is the only place you’ll get a sneak peek. Drumroll please…

Posted on Tuesday, August 2nd 2011

Interview with TeezFM (France)

Exclusive Interview :  Daniel Garofali - Artist Of The Week

Australia’s Daniel Garofali is just about the hardest-working model in the business.

Whether he’s modeling, dancing in video clips, filming abroad with a pop artist or grabbing attention as one of Cleo’s 50 Eligible Bachelors, Daniel is constantly on the go.

No wonder:  he’s classically proportioned, chiselled, muscular and sexy. (DNA MAGAZINE, 2010)

Q:  Hi Daniel, thanks for your time. Where are you answering our questions from?

DG:  I am currently in my apartment all the way down under in Sydney Australia. I was born here and love it. The sun and the beach are a big part of my life. If you havent been here, you need to come check it out. I will be in Europe in April to shot a few editorials for some magazines and to take meetings. Cant wait to come over. Definitely going to make a stop in France

Can you introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little bit about yourself please?

My name is Daniel Garofali from Sydney Australia. I am 24 years of age and i am a Male Model, signed with Wilhelmina Models NY and Chadwick Models. I have shot with amazing photographers from around the world such as Juli Balla, Christophe Cohen, Gregory Vaughan and Rick Day, have been the face of numerous brands and products such as underwear company Aussiebum, fashion designer Oscar Calvo and modelled for Adidas, Speedo and Cartier Jewellery.

Let's look back at how you started modeling, tell me about how you got discovered?

I was working as a Professional Dancer and a friend of a friend, who was working at a modelling agency in Sydney said to me that i should get into modelling. The next week i was the Face of a New Australian Swimwear Label, with posters on one of the main streets of Sydney and was blogged on fashion and modelling websites all around the world. It really went viral. My modelling career really took off after that.

Do you remember your first photo shoot and how did you feel about being in front of the camera?

My first photoshoot was when i was still in school. It wasn't unusual back then. I went to a Performing Arts School, like that of the musical FAME, so we all had agents, test shoots and promotion shoots for lots of different projects we were working on. I remember that i enjoyed it for its creative process; the styling, the hair, the poses, the props. I find it exciting.

How do you prepare yourself for a photography session? How do you usually spend the day before it?

I dont spend the day doing anything different before a photoshoot. I figure i align myself with the saying 'if you dont have it now, you dont have it' hah in other words, its too late. I guess the only thing i do is if the shoot requires me to shave or not. To hair or not to hair.

Your career is obviously a very good one, what do you think made you so successful as a male model as opposed to the other good-looking guys?

Thanks. i get asked this question all the time and its always so difficult. I guess people dont realise that modelling isnt just about looks. Its about the way you carry yourself, your attitude and personality and the relationship you have with other people in the industry. You cant just rely on your 'Blue Steel'

What are some of your personal interests? What do you like to do in your free time if you have any?

Unfortunately i dont get much free time. If i am not modelling i am working as a professional dancer also. I started off dancing around the world and have danced with artists such as Kylie Minogue. Modelling came later, which has now become my main work.

I know you travel for work, what is the most interesting place you have visited so far?

The most interesting place i have travelled to for work was India. It is amazing for many reason and like no other place i have been. A definite culture shock. I have been there twice now and would definitely go back again.

What's next on your big life to-do list?

I recently signed with Wilhelmina Models in New York City, so on the top of my to-do list is a US Visa, so i can go over and work. I am in the process of it all right now. Lots of paperwork etc. Hopefully i will get it soon.

We at TEEZ'FM love pop music so we'd like to know what is on your iPod ?

My ipod is full of songs for work including Productions Show Soundtracks so i can practise the shows when i am on the run. I get some interesting looks when i am busting out moves on the train. ha. I just got the chance to see Rihanna in concert too. I really like her music.

Can you tell me some words in French?

Moet et Chandon. ha

Any closing words for TEEZ'FM listeners?

See you in April

Thanks to Daniel

Interview By Thierry Jaussaud

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Interview with Portis Wasp Says Blog

5 questions with Daniel Garofali [Model]

Q:  A song that makes your heart skip a beat?

DG:  ‘Monster’ by Kanye West and Nicki Minaj. I saw them sing it live in NYC and it was crazy good. "I’m a mother fucking monster!"

Q:  If your life were a film it would be?

DG:  Ha...maybe Studio 54. I used to work heavily in the club scene in Sydney, Australia. It definitely impacted my life a whole lot. Lots of fun, drama, sweat and tears...but fortunately I didn't spiral out of control...well not yet.

Q:  The last film you watched that made you cry?

DG:  I recently saw Rabbit Hole with Nicole Kidman. It’s the most devastating film I have ever seen. It real, tragic and lingers for days.

Q:  If you were looking to impress a date or partner which signature dish of yours would you cook?

DG:  Well, if I was looking to impress someone I would definitely not be cooking, that’s for sure. I don’t really cook for myself...there are too many good restaurants in my area not to eat out.

Q:  A guilty pleasure of yours you can't seem to quit?

DG :  I’m a crackberry. Can’t get me off my Blackberry. My friends hate me for it.

Posted on Tuesday, March 29th 2011

Cleo Comments

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Tim

Daniel is hot.

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Megan Barnes

Super sweet :  )

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by romano

unbelievable young man. any girl who wins daniels heart would be very lucky

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Terri-Anne Glynn

Daniel is one lovely young man. He is great with kids and I am really proud of him

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Angela.

amazing body.

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Matilda McInto-you!

your sexy ;) I hope you win...I've a picture of you on my wall and you make meel feel so good when I wake up to your beautiful face. Love the Adidas pants

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Danny Borzillo

Funny Bloke!!

Posted 15 Mar 2010 by Josie

What a hot hot man. And he has brains and is sooooo romantic.

Posted 16 Mar 2010 by Mandy

Your HOT!!

Posted 16 Mar 2010 by Mystery

Daniel (aka Gara) is the coolest, fittest, funniest most down to earth bloke you will ever meet! He can give girls dance lessons for free and then take you to dinner! Who the hell wouldnt want that? Dont stop Voting until we see him crowned! He is the **** !! #

Posted 17 Mar 2010 by tart from tassie( COUGAR)


Posted 17 Mar 2010 by jesus

one word amazingly-hot-man

Posted 21 Mar 2010 by charlotte

very attractive and sounds like a nice personality

Posted 24 Mar 2010 by Velvet

Great looking and a hot body, sensible, romantic and forward thinking. What else could a girl ask for?

Posted 27 Mar 2010 by Ashleigh

Definatly a winner! Unbelievably good looking and actually seems nice, thats hard to find.

Posted 27 Mar 2010 by Bree (:  

So, so sweet! And pretty sexy too. ;)

Posted 28 Mar 2010 by abaca

dam. he is fine

Posted 28 Mar 2010 by michelle


Posted 29 Mar 2010 by Olivia O

Dan is a rock star - inside and out - Ladies a definite catch!!!

Posted 29 Mar 2010 by Bel

Make ya parents proud!! Show those gals what you've got!

Posted on Thursday, May 13th 2010

Cleo Magazine Interview

Q:  Have you ever lived overseas?

A:  I lived and worked as a dancer on a cruise liner when I was 18. It was like Big Brother meets Groundhog Day! In retrospect it was a great experience, but in the end I couldn’t live anywhere but Sydney.

Q:  Best advice your parents gave you?

A:  “Once you start something, finish it,” and “Don’t be stupid, wear a condom.”

Q:  Why should a girl take you home to meet her parents?

A:  I can take their 20 probing questions! I also know what I will be like when I’m a father and would keep that in mind.

Q:  Most romantic thing you have even done?

A:  It was Valentines Day. I filled my girlfriend’s bathroom with candles and roses and wrote “I love you” on the mirror with her red lipstick.

Q:  First person you told when you were nominated?

A:  My parents. My mum often asks when I’m going to meet someone.

Q:  Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

A:  Happy and successful in my career and relationship. I would also love to own more properties.

Posted on Thursday, May 13th 2010

Interview with

DANIEL GAROFALI:  Oxford St's Cleo Bachelor of the Year

Congratulations on your Cleo Bachelor of the Year nomination. How are you feeling about it?

It's pretty cool. It's good to know that just from someone who I had never met telling the editor of Cleo about myself and the work that I do that I had an impact in some way. It's nice to know that an outsider can have appreciation for the things I do.

What would you like to get out of the experience?

Standing by the pool at the Ivy on the launch of the list was pretty awkward - so no more of that would be good! I'd just like to cement myself as someone who is doing well in his field and possibly find a new audience to entertain and work with.

What training did you undertake to become a dancer?

The majority of my training was at the MacDonald College of Performing Arts.

When did you start performing on Oxford St?

I started working on ''the strip'' I guess nearly two years ago. I think my first gig was at Stonewall filling in for the boys of The Squared Division and then went on to do other shows and venues. From the first one things went really fast with Wil Sabin being one of the driving forces and the next thing I know was being awarded a Diva Award.

As a straight man, what appeals to you about performing on the gay scene?

For me, Oxford St isn't really about gay or straight. The industry isn't that big in Sydney and as a freelance artist there can definitely be dry spots. Initially I did it for the money. Now I do it because i enjoy it, even though I might not look it. I get to work with my friends, collaborate with other artists to conceptualise shows, costumes, photo shoots, music and choreography. But I also love working on the logistics of it all like rehearsal schedules, sponsorship etc.

What are your all time favourite tracks to dance to?

My favourite tracks at the moment are some unreleased ones from Australia's next big artist Prinnie Stevens. You will all hear them this year. Other than that I'm loving "I Like That" by Richard Vission & Static Revenger. It's in a few of the shows at the moment and everyone's vibing it.

What are you current residences?

Boysleque - Thurs @ Stonewall, Fierce Sweat - Fri @ Stonewall and Carnivale Fri from 10 @ Disgraceland - and a few suprises in between.

What other projects you are working on?

For modeling I just shot for a new swimwear label that I'm am the face & body of called Marcuse which will be out very soon. They have some great stuff. For performing the most exciting thing at the moment is working with Prinnie Stevens. Along with Wil Sabin we just performed at Fluffy in Brisbane with a tease of her first single "Tetris" and it went off. Soon we will start working on the video clip and promo tour. Can't wait. It's a great team.

To vote for Daniel for Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2010 or to check out his latest news go to

Posted on Tuesday, May 11th 2010