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Do you think youd be a good actor? cos I watched your trailer, and theres a bit towards the end, infact I think its the last shot, when the cam comes up behind you, you turn and look at it, to me, it comes across that your suprised by it, but then there is this real, engaging look you give to the camera, the audience is almost hooked. Its brilliant! I personally think you'd make a good actor.

Asked by Anonymous

Thankyou. I trained at a Performing Arts similar to Fame where we were disciplined in all fields of performance. It just so happened that my career started as a dancer and now has moved to modelling. Who knows how it will evolve next. There is more that i would like to do in the dance and modelling world still but at the same time, there are going to be some exciting projects beyond that in 2012. Some of those projects involve acting.

Posted on Wednesday, December 28th 2011

I remember you mentioning that you were on the cast for the original Edge Of Glory video, before it was scrapped. Could you tell us about it a bit? I'd love to hear more about the original concept :D

Asked by sora2522

Yes, I was booked. The original concept was amazing and would have been one of her best Music Videos. Unfortunately, for reasons not fully known to me, the concept changed. Obviously I can’t say any details but I still have the Call Sheet. My role was a ‘Gangsta’.

Posted on Monday, December 26th 2011

Do you have a girl in your life? Or are you looking at one? :)

Asked by Anonymous

I don’t have a girl in my life. I left a relationship back in Australia but then moved to America for my career. That is the girl in my life at the moment. hah

Posted on Monday, December 26th 2011

Have you ever benn in love? And if you have what was the most romantic thing tht you ever did for your girlfriend? Do you want to get married one day, have kids, and do the whole white pickett fence thing? What do you look for in a woman, what qualities, or you r preferences, blonde/burnette/red head/ slender, or curvy? And what turns you completely off about a woman? Are you the jealous type,like snuggle?And finally have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?

Asked by zoeysweete-deactivated20130801

Yes, I have been in love. It’s the most amazing feeling.    

One of the most romantic things would be when it was Valentine’s Day. I filled my girlfriend’s bathroom with candles and roses and wrote “I love you” on the mirror with her red lipstick.

I definitely want the whole ‘American Dream’ scenario. 

As long as i am attracted to them then it doesn’t what colour hair etc. They have to easy-going, ambitious and funny. The biggest turn off is high maintenance.

I am not the jealous type. I wouldn’t be with anyone i didnt trust. I have not cheated on anyone.

Posted on Monday, December 26th 2011

Happy Holidays!!! my best wishes for you, have a great time with your family and friends... love, happines, success at 2012.. God bless you :)

Asked by fierceandnaughty

Thank you. All the best to you

Posted on Monday, December 26th 2011